Re: Ohio goes Optical scan

From: Roy M. Silvernail <roy-ovc_at_rant-central_dot_com>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 14:09:46 CST

charlie strauss wrote:

> I've looked a little into it and there are some issues to consider.
> First current systems are not open source but I wonder if they could
> be made open source. The model 100 from ES&S for example, is based
> on QNX (a real-time high-relaibily unix--a choice suggesting some
> thought might have been put into the design phase!). QNX comes in
> closed source and open source versions I believe.

For a while, QNX was offering a "personal" version of its RTOS for free.
  But that version was significantly crippled and was still not Open
Source. QNX is a POSIX OS, so porting applications from QNX to Linux
shouldn't be too difficult. Drivers, on the other hand, get ugly, as
you note. Looking at the QNX website, I don't see any mention of a free
version. That offer has probably expired.

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