Fw: Request for Electronic Ballot Printer system software

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2008 - 10:26:33 CST

I received this request from the San Luis Obispo County Democratic party. I
have asked Jan to take Ping's pvote application (http://pvote.org/code/ )
and stitch it together with his barcode printing software.

Assuming Jan can do that, I think we will be able to meet this request. I
can probably do the rest of it myself, if necessary, but in case anyone here
wants to help, let me know.

We'll need to create the .iso file. I notice that the Ubuntu distribution
CD is pretty full. We may need to burn this to DVD.

After this message, I will forward my request to Jan -- this will clarify a
few things in case you are interested.

Alan D.

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Subject: Request for Electronic Ballot Printer system software

Alan Dechert <alan@openvotingconsortium.org>

Hello Alan,

Interest in the Central Coast Democratic Straw Poll on January 12th is
growing. This event is organized by the San Luis Obispo County
Democratic Central Committee. Announcement attached.

I have proposed and the organizing committee has agreed to use an
Electronic Ballot Printer voting system. We will provide hardware and

The voting computers and printers will have been tested to boot and
run Ubuntu Linux from a liveCD and print the ballot with a bar code.
The tabulation computer will have been tested to run an installed
Ubuntu Linux operating system to run an election administration
program that tabulates the vote count using a bar code scanner and
projects the count on a screen as the count is generated.

The voting procedure will work as follows.

1. Election is opened at 12:00 noon.
2. Screened for Democratic registration from county voter registration
3. Sign the numbered election roster.
4. Vote at a computer and print finished ballot.
5. Hand ballot to worker and observe placing in the ballot box.
6. Election is closed at 2:30pm
7. Ballots are counted and total compared to sigh in roster.
8. Votes are tabulated publicly by audibly announcing and scanning its
barcode, incrementing that candidate's

count projected on a screen.

Volunteer workers have been assigned to staff positions at three
computers for Democratic registration look up screening, the voter
sign in roster, voting machine assistance, and the ballot box.

Can you provide the software? Here is what we are looking for.

Ballot Design:
1. Heading "The 2008 California Central Coast Democratic Primary Straw Poll"
2. Candidates names "Hiliary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Dennis
Kucinich, Bill Richardson, and 'Write In'.
3. Random order of candidate's names if possible.
4. Functionality for the reading impaired. We do not expect
participation by the reading impaired but it would be good to be able
to demonstrate it.
5. English only. We are not planning for mulitllingual participation.

How soon can I get a disk or download for testing and demonstration?

Marty / S.LO.D.C.C.

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