Re: CPAN 2 Election Security Testimony in Congress

From: David Jefferson <d_jefferson_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 13:18:53 CDT

Michael Shamos is (still) a close friend of mine, but I must say
he has gone over to the dark side on this issue of voting
security. I cannot fathom how or why this has happened, but
everyone I know seems to feel the same way you do.

I have not seen the CSPAN show you are referring to, but I would
love to. If anyone has a pointer to where I could see it I'd be


> But the truly low point was Michael Shamos,
> spouting some
> of the most despicable sophistry I've heard anywhere. I know
> some
> people here know him, and say he's done good work in the
> past--about
> the only thing I can think of is that someone "got to him"
> (e.g.
> blackmail or a bribe). I'm not saying it is actually so
> (which might
> be libel), just that it is difficult to imagine why he would
> express
> such fundamentally and obviously wrong opinions so strongly.
> For example, one of Shamos' arguments was that since no proven
> past
> fraud on DREs had changed an election result, there is no
> reason not to
> accept them. Notice that he did NOT even claim there hadn't
> been fraud
> on DREs, just that it hadn't provably changed the results.
> Moreover,
> he found a mild likelihood of non-fraud to be a sufficient
> criteria for
> using DREs. No concept of risks whatsoever. To make an
> analogy
> prompted not so long ago by the US administration: would a
> probability
> that terrorists lack nukes be enough reason not to worry about
> the
> issue? Or would the fact they've never been used before be a
> blanket
> absolution of any concern?! (not that I believe that such
> concerns
> justify the specific actions of this US administration, but
> the general
> principle is the same).
> Depressing, depressing stuff, overall.
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