Re: is OVC doing anything to solicit investment from NY

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 15:49:21 CDT


> Sounds like NY should be courted to invest in OVC?
We have been in touch with our friends in NY for some years now. Things are
progressing. It helps that Open Voting Solutions (OVS) CEO lives in NY.

OVS spent considerable time and effort trying to get their open source
precinct based optical scan system certified with the New York State Board
of Elections (SBOE). After some time, the SBOE quoted OVS a fee of $280,000
to test their system. This appeared to be a show-stopper.

Last week, Prof. Johnson submitted this letter to the NY SBOE. The letter was
distributed at the SBOE meeting June 27th (web cast meetings are archived on
their web site ).

NY has set up their own certification process so the certification barrier
for open voting (federal and state certification in CA) is somewhat
simplified in this regard.

Despite the claim from Avante and others that the SBOE hasn't agreed to what
their law really means, it appears that COTS scanners and PCs will be okay
with existing law. That is, OVS will not have to convince Kodak, HP,
Toshiba, Intel, AMD, MediaQ, Sipex, and a multitude of other
manufacturers -- whose components happen to be a part of the OVS system --
to turn over their firmware, microcode, etc.

We will see if we can build up enough support in NY in order to have this
fee waiver request granted.

-- Alan D.

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