Re: Experiences with Sequoia AVC Edge with VeriVote Printer as Precinct Inspector in Santa Clara County

From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2006 - 21:15:47 CDT

Hello Ron:

        At one time, Arthur or Doug Jones told me that a good rule of thumb
was that each voter should take about 10 minutes to vote for a long ballot
but not to expect that more than 10 voters an hour could be accommodated at
each voting booth/machine.

        I'll add that in April, when I was a 'Assistant Precinct
Inspector/Machine' that I took the two Diebold TSx machines issued for my
polling place home with me several days before the election and stored them
in my locked garage. They did have generic plastic 'spring' seals through a
little hole between the two doors that cover the face of the machine. Also,
the Main precinct inspector had the actual tubular keys to unlock the
machines and I did not receive them until the morning of the election.
However, I understand that even well made tubular key locks can be opened
the barrel of a 'stick' pen. To me, these seemed like very cheap locks.
Also, during training we were all handed identical tubular keys to open the
training machines. Anyone could have palmed them as there was no effort to
make sure that everything was returned.

        Also, most any one with a pocket knife could have probably forced
the door open that was over the separate system card. There was a tamper
evident seal over the door to the memory card. As for the spring seals on
the door, I'm sure I could have said that they had somehow broken in transit
if I took them off. Fortunately, I'm fairly honest. Also, not one person
used the Diebold TSx in the last two elections I've participated in.

        In June, I worked as the clerk at the local election for the 50th
Congressional District in precinct 130500 and I was impressed by the good
accounting process of reconciling ballots provided, ballots used, signatures
and the ballot scanner paper tape totals. If the votes were 'fiddled,' it
must have been done in the vote tabulation process at the registrar of
voters or by way of the absentee voters. I have been approached by BBV and
some folks with Brad's blog about my understanding of the 50th district
election and have told them what I've summarized above in greater detail.
However, I told them that I saw no obvious fraud at the precinct level and
that the Republicans probably just outspent and out organized the Democrats.
Not too surprisingly, I haven't heard back from them :-)

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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Arthur Keller wrote:
> ...We had about 30 voters per hour throughout most of the day.
> Occasionally, none of the voting machines were in use. Quite often
> all 5 of the voting machines we were allocated were in use. Several
> times (particularly in the evening) as many as 5 voters were waiting
> with activator cards in hand to use the voting machines. A longer
> ballot (we had only 2 statewide propositions, not the usual 10 or
> more) would have taken longer, for both making selections and
> printing the paper recount record. Voters will be more familiar with
> the machines then, somewhat balancing the increase in time. If the
> expected voter turnout is more than 400 voters per polling place or
> the ballot is longer, then I would expect that more than 5 voting
> machines would be required per polling place....
Thanks for writing this (and for supervising the polls). I am
researching the effects of machine shortages and failures, so I have a
few questions about your experience. Do you know how many registered
voters were eligible to use the polling place? How long, on average, do
you estimate it took each voter to vote? Do you have any idea what the
peak arrival rate was, and how long the peak lasted? And how did
officials determine how many machines to ship to each polling place?



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