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Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 15:10:45 CST

Thanks for the PDF- it will be much easier to read.

BTW, yet another NGO signing on.... Did these people see the bill
first? :)

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The comprehensive Count Every Vote Act promises:

Paper trails that voters can verify on the spot
Fairly allotted voting machines and shorter lines
Same-day voter registration
Restored voting rights for ex-felons
Fully accessible ballot boxes for all Americans
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Dear Greg,
Yesterday, Senator Hillary Clinton introduced what’s been termed
the “gold standard” of bills aimed at comprehensive election
reform (S. 804). Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones did the same in
the House (H.R. 1381). If we act now, this legislation could help
prevent many of the problems that have marred our recent elections.

American citizens should not be hampered by unfair barriers to the
ballot box or worried about vanishing votes. This legislation
requires paper trails, inaugurates same-day registration, restores
the right to vote to former felons, banishes impossibly long lines
and unfair allotments of voting machines, and more. It’s time for
all of us who care about democracy to act.

Tell your elected officials to support this legislation by signing on
as a co-sponsor!

Because the legislative process can be cumbersome and because states
need time to implement this law by 2008, we only have a few dwindling
months to push legislation through Congress. Time is critical, and
the clock is ticking!

How many times should our democracy take it on the chin before we put
up a strong guard? Together with our affiliate, PFAW Foundation, we
launched the Democracy Campaign to reform our election system because
we shouldn’t suffer more of the same bruising when millions of
voters turn out for the 2008 presidential election.

We can’t tolerate another 2006—with 18,000 vanishing votes from
electronic machines in Florida, bogus and misleading “Democratic
Sample Ballots,” and frustrating robocalls made on behalf of the
National Republican Congressional Committee. This bill will help.
We can’t bear another 2004—with impossibly long lines in
predominantly minority neighborhoods, unsavory attempts to purge
voters from the rolls, and disingenuous efforts to hamstring voter
registration drives. This bill will help.
And we certainly can’t suffer another 2000—with hanging chads,
butterfly ballots, and endless legal fights. This bill will help.

Tell your elected officials to support this legislation by signing on
as a co-sponsor!

Right after the 2006 elections, we asked you to petition the new
Congress to make election reform a part of the 100-hour plan. Then we
asked you to urge your senators to co-sponsor Barack Obama’s bill
punishing deception and intimidation. When Congressman Rush Holt
introduced a bill that pulls away the veil of secrecy enshrouding
voting machines, we asked you to help move that bill forward by
signing that petition. Now before the House and Senate is
comprehensive legislation. We must act now for fair elections, and we
ask you to push your Senators and Representative to co-sponsor once

-- Your Allies at People For the American Way

P.S. Representatives John Conyers and Rahm Emanuel have introduced
into the House a version of Senator Obama’s bill that punishes voter
intimidation and deceptive practices. We’ll keep you updated!

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