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The problem with internet voting is that it allows for an attacker to be anywhere on the planet, and to attack in unlimited volumes. Voting in polling places is limited to what can be done in individual locations without getting noticed by the staff, requiring many attackers to coordinate for large scale impact.
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> A chain is only as strong as strong as its weakest link. The
> Internet is inherently secure.

An HTTPS web server set up properly to serve that connection is
practically impenetrable using modern technology. I agree with the
report that there is a level of perfection necessary that is hard to
achieve. I think the fact that you have clients in a scenario where
it is desirable for them to "attack themselves" is almost unsolvable.
You have to be able to trust the machines at the other end. The
recommendation to use a "kiosk setup" on the far end is a fair
assessment in light of that weakness. A kiosk system like that vpn'd
into a network with the web server would be a very secure solution.
If you could trust the software. And friends as we all know that is a
big if. I am with you that it needs to be changed.

With Acrobat reader, we have the same issue. People want a very
secure and un-attackable system on the far end. Yet we know that
someone can add their own plugin and do various things that would
interfere with the operation of the client. That's why we posit that
the environment of the viewer has to be locked down to guarantee


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